Intramural Meet 2023: A resounding conclusion


Anchored with the theme “One Body, One ambition: An exhibition of camaraderie and competitive excellence through Sports, Culture, and the Arts”, Southern Leyte State University-Main Campus successfully concluded its five-day Intramural Meet, starting from September 11 up until September 15, 2023, held at the campus grounds.

This year’s Intramural featured four competing factions: Flaming Sparrows (CCJ x DTE); Great Griffins (CoE); Herculean Dragon (CHTM x CCSIT); and Fierce Phoenix (CoT). The opening ceremony started with the introduction and parading of the teams. University President Dr. Jude A. Duarte declared the official opening of the Intramural Meet 2023 with a fireworks display.

Also, to liven the Intramural spirit, the different student organizations of the university set up their booths scattered in the vicinity of the campus. The booths offered a variety of foods, goods, enjoyment, and services.

Mr. Edevan Magdula of Herculean Dragon and Ms. Mariecar O. Merca of Great Griffins wrapped up the Mr. and Ms. Intramural Meet 2023 as they both won the title and crown of the event, held at the Multi-Purpose Court on September 12.

Following the schedule, different sporting events stretched from day two, September 12 up until the morning of day 5, September 15. The Visual Arts competition lasted for two days from day two to day three while the Musical competition and Talents Night competed on September 13 and 14 respectively.

Team Flaming Sparrows ultimately won as they were declared the overall champion of the Intramural Meet 2023 with an outstanding haul of 118 gold medals. Flaming Sparrows trailed behind as the 1st placer with a record of 82 gold medals. Herculean Dragon came in third with 72 gold medals and Great Griffins placed at the last spot as third placer with 51 gold medals.

The Intramural Meet 2023 ended with an awarding night where each team’s student participants who won gold in the different competitions and events were given a medal award in recognition for their impressive display of skills and talents in their chosen field of competition.


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